Monday, September 7, 2015

Two Painted Autumn clusters to share tonight!

Well, the long weekend is just about finished....I have a couple steaks marinating...almost time to fire up the grill, so wanted to do this before I forget :)  The Hatchery is stocked with loads of new products, all made to mix and match (and be sure to check out the Use It All mini for also matches!).  Prices will remain at their current prices until this next Thursday, so be sure to pick up the pieces you want before then!   Tonight I have TWO awesome clusters to share with you, made with my Hatchery products, Painted Autumn.  Anita made both of these beauties to share with you tonight!

The products of mine currently in the Going, Going, GONE section at TDC will be retired permanently on September 10th - if there is anything you sure to get it by then!

Each image is attached to its direct download.  More to come!  Hope your weekend was absolutely AWESOME - last blast for summer! - - Kim


  1. Anita, both of these are absolutely beautiful. I just love the way you design the clusters. Truly talented you are dear. Thanks for the share Kim.

  2. Thank you Anita for all that you share, I just love your designs. You have a great talent for color and design.

  3. Thank you for the cute clusters!

  4. Thank you, I love the charms on chains, they are great!


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