Friday, January 23, 2015

Have Faith cluster to share

Friday!  YAY!   I'm getting caught up - its been busier than usual this week for me - but I've crossed off at least 3/4 of my To Do list.  And the Piggly Wiggly over in Boscobel had Diet Dew on sale, we took off and got our shopping done.  Now we are settled in for another week, and hopefully, I can keep crossing the rest of this darned list off.  Problem is  - keeping new "to do" things off of it :)   So, lemme see here.....tonight I have another beautiful piece to share with you from Anita, made with my new collection, Have Faith.  I have several more, so be sure to stop back!

Isn't that gorgeous?   The image is linked to your direct download.  See you tomorrow, and have an awesome weekend, everyone!   -Kim


  1. Anita, this is lovely. Thank you Kim for the share.

  2. Thank you! Anita - you do awesome work!

  3. Lovely cluster, thank you very much

  4. Thank you so much!

    Hugs Kirsten.


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