Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Creative Life - the last cluster :)

Hey everyone :)  Ever have one of those days when you think EVERY little thing is going to go wrong?  That is how my day started.   I'm working on some printable projects, and needed to print out my files to cut - - and why is it that printers NEVER cooperate?  Trying to print a 8.5 x 11 sheet  using the jpg files wasn't working - they printed out too small, no matter what I tried.  Along comes Netta (of Creative Victorian) to save my day!   Printing directly from the PDF (which I haven't had much experience with) worked like a charm...well.  once I updated my Adobe Reader to the latest version, lol :)   Now to cut these pages out, put my project together, and get it ready for the shop NEXT week!  This hybrid stuff is FUN :)    Tonight I have the final A Creative Life cluster for you, this one an oh so adorable frame cluster from Jenni!

   Yep, the image is linked to your download!  Sneak Peek tomorrow!  -Kim


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