Friday, September 5, 2014

If Only cluster to share with you!

Today I felt like I slept for a VERY long time, lol - feels like FALL!  Our high today was 68, and all that mugginess is gone!  WOW.  Just yesterday.....well.  Nevermind.  No sense in bringing that crud back up again :)  Anyway - it is gorgeous weather here suddenly - and always puts me in such a good mood!      I hope its just as nice where ever you may be tonight!    Speaking of tonight - - I have a beautiful cluster for you from Anita - made using my new collection, If Only :)  The collection, and its separates, will remain on sale thru Sunday!

 The image above is linked to your direct download. I'll be back tomorrow with another..and over the weekend I'll be posting a great little mini, too!   - Kim


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