Sunday, June 23, 2013

In My Life cluster :)

Sorry about not posting last night - awful torrential rains here...its flooding all around us.   Took most of the day yesterday to pick up...and then it started in all over again.   Somehow posting a cluster got lost in the shuffle :)     There are still a few hours left to pick up In My Life at the introductory sales price (this includes the collection, the bundle and all the separates) if you had thought about picking it up.....and tonight I have another gorgeous piece that Anita made using it to share with you!

The image is linked to your direct download.   I'll be back tomorrow evening with another!
Hope you had a beautiful DRY weekend :)  -Kim


  1. As always, you do such beautiful work. I especially like the verses on the freebies from this kit. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  2. thank you so much!

  3. Love this; it's gorgeous and thank you so much for all your freebies!

  4. Hello and Thank you for this lovely cluster. I hope your weather becomes calmer and more pleasant soon, storms are always a big worry...

  5. Thank you very much.

  6. I highlighted your blog and this freebie on my Monday's Guest Freebies today. I also shared it with 1,850 people following my Free Digital Scrapbook board on Pinterst. Thank you.


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