Friday, January 25, 2013

Bon Voyage! New this week at TDC :)

Hello from frigid Wisconsin! It's been below zero every night so far this week - with no sign of letting up just yet, darn it. Thank heavens for furnaces is all I can say to that! This week I have a great kit for your travel, vacation and roadtrip memories - appropriately named Bon Voyage! Its jampacked with goodies, and is available as separates or the collection. The main kit comtains 9 solid and 16 patterned papers, a full alpha set (upper and lower cases with numbers and punctuation) and 59 great elements. The add on pack for "road trips" contains 4 mapped papers and 37 elements. There is a wordart pack that has 5 definitions, 4 graffiti style word art pieces, one title piece and 25 wordstrips. A bonus paper pack with18 papers (2 patterns in all 9 colors) comes only with the collection. It's on sale now thru Sunday at midnight for 30% off :)

and a little inspiration!

Beautiful layouts from my team as always :)  Check back over the weekend....something tells me I might have a freebie or two!  Happy Scrapping! -Kim


  1. Thanks for choosing the 4 most perfect maps for the add-on! We travel mostly in the areas in maps 1 & 2, perfect heritage uses in map 3 as my ancestors came from Europe and I grew up in the northeast! Thank you!!! Did you know that western Texas has 75 and 80 mph limits? Unheard of in most places! Can't wait to use the add on...

  2. I found your kits are the easiest to work with, you get ideas, you get the kit and clusters what else can a scrapper ask for. Thanks, which I don't say enough.


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