Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Caught on Film clusters :)

Lots going on - so this will be quick :)  I have another couple clusters for you from "Caught on Film" - ENJOY!  (images are linked)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Caught on Film" & a cluster for you!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Its supposed to be 50 degrees here tomorrow....gotta love that.  Hoping to crack the kitchen window and let in some fresh air....keeping my fingers crossed that for once the weatherman was right.

Another of my new releases this week at TDC is "Caught on Film".  Check it out!

and a little inspiration :

See that silly gal in the band uniform stickin her tongue out at the camera?  Um.  yeah.  That's me.
Jenni made some wonderful pieces with the kit to share with you :)  Let's start with this one...and I'll be back with more for you in a day or so :)  ENJOY! (image is linked)

Friday, March 2, 2012

New Release "Fresh" and a freebie :)

Happy Friday everyone!

I knew March would be kinda...yucky this year.  and so far - so yucky.  I am very thankful to be north of the tornado's that are causing so much devastation.  For anyone in that region....please be safe - and stay that way!  All we had today was snow....after a couple days of high winds and pouring rain:

That was at 11 am.  We had planned to go to the Mississippi slough trails today to take photo's of the hundreds of eagles that have arrived.....and with more of the same weather tomorrow, its not looking to good right now.  At least the eagles are "home" again...and I can always get some early next week!

I have two new releases this week, along with the March add-on for the "It's a Wonderful Life" collection.  Tonight, I'm featuring "Fresh", and have a gorgeous freebie to match!

as usual, my Creative Team worked their magic:

Beautiful work, huh?  and that isn't all of them....more to come :)   and...Jenni made some matching clusters for you to enjoy!  The image is linked :)  have a safe weekend, and thanks for stopping by!