Monday, January 27, 2014

Focus Journal cluster

Doing laundry to keep the drain open, lol - - baking cookies because the oven is next to the sink and it might help with a little warmth for the pipes.... -10 and dropping here!  If we have to stay up all night we will - I refuse to have frozen pipes again!!!  Darned weather!   and tonight, I have a great little journal cluster from Marla to share with you that she made using Focus :)

The image above is linked to  your direct download :)  See you tomorrow - hopefully!!!  Stay warm :)  -Kim


  1. Beautiful as usual. Thank you so much for all the lovely freebies, Anita.

  2. Thank you !! - Kat

  3. WOW, gorgeous kit and lovely freebie!!! You are invited to promote your freebie in the daily produce section of DigiScrapAddicts (it's free!!)


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